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FBI disrupts 1,000 Russian bots spreading disinformation on X

Python GitHub Token Leak Shows Binary Files Can Burn Developers Too

Supreme Court Ruling Will Likely Cause Cyber Regulation Chaos

Security Lessons from the Change Healthcare Ransomware Catastrophe

Marriott admits lied about encrypting card, passport numbers in 2018 breach

CISA opens its malware analysis and threat hunting tool for public use

Insecure Apex code plagues many Salesforce deployments.

Pentagon is investigating compromise in Air Force communications: Report

SEC Notice To SolarWinds CISO and CFO Roils Cybersecurity Industry

At Least One Open Source Vulnerability Found In 84% of Code Bases, Report Finds

Almost Everyone Faced an Industrial Attack in the Last Year

New Linux-Based Ransomware Targets VMware Servers

The FBI Accessed and Repaired 'Hundreds' of Hacked Microsoft Exchange Servers

CIOs say security must adapt to permanent work-from-home

DNSSEC explained: Why you might want to implement it on your domain

Bug bounty platforms buy researcher silence, violate labor laws, critics say

Attack Campaign Hits Thousands of MS-SQL Servers For Two Years

Are APIs Putting Financial Data At Risk?

Boeing's Poor Information Security Threatens Passenger Safety, National Security, Says Researcher

New Spectre-like CPU vulnerability bypasses existing defenses

Android phones can be hacked remotely by viewing malicious PNG image

The OPM hack explained: Bad security practices meet China's Captain America

Panera Bread blew off breach report for 8 months, leaked millions of customer records

Microsoft will start monitoring and censoring Skype, Xbox, and Cortana, even retroactively, in anticipation of SESTA bill enactment on the 1st

Are the BSDs dying? Some security researchers think so

Homeland Security team remotely hacked a Boeing 757 parked at a New Jersey airport

Man arrested after ‘good morning’ post was mistranslated by Facebook as ‘attack them’

CEO lies, commits fraud, and yes the startup craters

Critical infrastructure: Off the web, out of danger?

Spammers expose their entire operation through bad backups

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