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Study sheds light on the link between life dissatisfaction and the rise of right-wing populist movements in Europe

A WFH 'culture war' has broken out across Europe

Europe's drinking water contaminated by 'forever chemical': NGOs

Neolithic population collapse may have been caused by plague. The Neolithic population crash in northern Europe occurred from about 3300BC to 2900BC

E-Bikes Won over Europe

Pharma firms stash profits in Europe's tax havens

New cars to be fitted with automatic speed limiters across Europe from this week

How rules made in Europe put Ethiopian farmers at risk

Permaculture enhances carbon stocks, soil quality and biodiversity in Central Europe

How Europe’s Conspiracy Influencers Moved From Covid to the Climate

Apple okays Epic Games marketplace app in Europe

China Surpasses Europe in per Capita Energy Consumption

Europe's new heavy-lift rocket, Ariane 6, made its inaugural flight

Compiler jobs in UK / Europe

Europe faces an unusual problem: ultra-cheap energy

Battery electric vehicles lose their spark in Europe as hybrids steal the show

Apple Intelligence Features Not Coming to Europe at Launch Due to DMA

'Flood' of cheap Russian fertiliser risks Europe's food security

The Catholic Church played a key role in the eradication of Muslim and Jewish communities in Western Europe over the period 1064–1526

Apple to delay launch of AI-powered features in Europe, blames EU tech rules

Wrong Map of Europe

Europe's solar power surge hits prices, exposing storage needs

Norway discovers Europe's largest deposit of rare earth metals

Volvo to shift EV production to Europe to escape China tariffs

Mastercard To Phase Out Manual Card Entry For Online Payments In Europe By 2030

How to Raise a Tribal Army in Pre-Roman Europe, Part II

Germany is No 1 in Europe for EV production, No 2 in the world

Mastercard Launches Its Biometric Retail Payment System in Europe

A geoengineering technique designed to reduce high temperatures in California could inadvertently intensify heatwaves in Europe, according to a study that models the unintended consequences of regional tinkering with a changing climate.

Cloudflare Connectivity Issues in Eastern US and Central Europe

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