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The A.I. Bubble is Bursting with Ed Zitron [video]

Brian Kernighan on “The Practice of Programming” [video]

The Soul of Erlang and Elixir – Talk by Sasa Juric [video]

Guy Steele - Growing a Language (1998)

Ariane 6 first flight (Official broadcast)[video]

The Basics of How Engines Work (2021) [video]

All Talks from Oxidize Conference 2024 now available on youtube

An Introduction to Meditation – By a Theravada Buddhist Monk [video]

Microservices: it's because of the way our backend works

'[Swift] failed in my opinion' – Chris Lattner [video]

Code a DOOM-like game engine from scratch in C [PART I]

How Pulp Fiction Revolutionized Cinema

Non-Euclidean Doom: what happens to a game when pi is not pi (2022) [video]

Why I'm embarrassed to be German [video]

Linus Torvalds: RISC-V Repeating the Mistakes of Its Predecessors [video]

A look into Xenix, Microsoft's long forgotten Unix Operating System

3D Printable PC/NAS Cases

I was an MIT educated neurosurgeon – now I'm alone in the mountains [video]

AI Is Ruining the Internet

How JavaScript Ruined the Web

The Exploit that Ruined Ranked for a day (League of Legends)

DEA Caught Red-Handed: Airport Intimidation [video]

Eric Weinstein and Terrence Howard Debate 1 x 1 = 2 On The Joe Rogan Podcast [video]

IronBeetle with matklad

ACM Computer Architecture Panel Discussion [2013]

Ladybird Announcement [video]

I spent two years trying to make SD cards more nostalgic

Adding Friction (Video)

Ark Invest: Robotaxis 28 trillion by 2030 [video]

Prompt Injections in the Wild. Exploiting LLM Agents – Hitcon 2023 [video]

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