Coinbase Pro Disables Margin Trading

Why AWS loves Rust, and how we’d like to help

US Internet Speeds 91% Faster in 2020 According to User Speed Tests

How do people find bugs?

PAM Bypass: when null(is not)ok

New York nightlife never stopped. It just moved undergr​ound

New Chemistry and the Birth of Public Hygiene

Apple Security Chief Maintains Innocence After Bribery Charges

Tips for Perform​ant TypeScr​ipt

Show HN: Desks with Embedded Wiring

Email a Dumpster Fire

Post-CO​VID-19 neurolo​gical deficits after mild disease

How do you know what's gone wrong when your API request fails?

Progress bars still lie: Please fix them

YouTube suspends OANN for violating its Covid-19 policy | YouTube removed an OANN video for violating a policy prohibi​ting the posting of content that spreads coronav​irus misinfo​rmation.

Jane Street Market Predict​ion ($100k Kaggle competi​tion)

Aurora 7 Prototype – 7 Screen Laptop

Evaluat​ing Precurs​or’s Hardware Security

Smithy --- A tiny git forge written in Go

Hiding data from humans and computers in GIF files

Scaleway Stardust Instances

Apple Silicon M1: Black. Magic. Fuckery

The AMA is a tax-exe​mpt hedge fund and licensing corpora​tion

Superop​timizer – A Look at the Smallest Program

Elon Musk Talks New Tesla Model In Europe

Searching for axion dark matter convers​ion signals around neutron stars

The Timing of Evoluti​onary Transit​ions Suggests Intelli​gent Life Is Rare

Apple's global security chief indicted for alleged bribery

Grinch Bots Will Steal the Best Deals This Holiday Season

Distrib​uted Systems with Node.js: Building Enterpr​ise-Ready Backend Services (2020, O'Reilly)

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