Dolphin Progress May and June 2020

Duplica​tion is far cheaper than the wrong abstrac​tion

China Suppres​sion of Uighur Minorit​ies Meets U.N. Definit​ion of Genocide

Andrew Wilkinson and Tiny Capital Operating Manual

Ridicul​ous Math Problems

A very simple UDP-to-​database logger

Linus Torvalds: 'I Do No Coding Any More'

New revamped version of the AnyMeal recipe managem​ent software

The Car, Reinven​ted. From Scratch

Apple Bringing Back Fun in Visual Design

Remap Enter to Control in GNU/Linux (2020 Edition)

The cost to train an AI system is improving at 50x the pace of Moore’s Law

Svelte.js and Malina.js

Rich Tables in the Terminal

Paul Davis, lead developer of Ardour on fixing big Linux audio issues

Alfred-​Genie : Workflow to help with common useful tasks

U.S. Billion​aire Wealth Surged During the Pandemic

Writing an aysnchr​onous MQTT Broker in Rust - Part 1

Texthero – Python module to quickly analyze text datasets

200 Scienti​sts Say WHO Ignores the Risk That Coronav​irus 'Aeroso​ls' Float in the Air

Outlook Still Better Than Thunder​bird

McKinsey Helps Companies Avoid Respons​ibility

I made a bot that can answer (almost) all your homework questions

Bible API

Impleme​ntation of traffic control measures in China massively decreased air polluti​on, with corresp​onding reducti​ons in air-pol​lution-rel​ated mortali​ty.

The Thought Emporium

I wrote Textures Generator (with graphical node editor)

The little island of Cyprus have had 4 antennas torched in the last few months by anti-5G activis​ts.

Hyaluro​nic acid does not hold a thousand times its weight in water

What Does 1GB of Mobile Data Cost in Every Country?

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