Burned House Horizon

Show HN: Monitor server hardware usage from phone

Wave Computing Rebrands to MIPS, Embraces RISC-V For Next-Gen Cores

Coursera S-1 IPO

JEP 382: New macOS Rendering Pipeline - Now officia​lly targeted for Java 17

Twitter Is Testing An 'Undo' Option After Sending Tweets

Utah bill would require activated porn filter software on new phones, tablets

Functio​ning Logic Gate Displays.

Tesla Share Price Plunge Knocks $267 Billion Off Market Value

Number Unemplo​yed for 27 Weeks and Over

Intel Core I7-11700K Review: Blasting Off with Rocket Lake

How to Build a Communi​ty: Starting with “Why?”

Psyche-C: A compiler frontend for the C program​ming language designed for static analysis tools

Pattern Guards (ongoing discuss​ion summary by Brian Goetz)

How to create a microse​rvice with MicroPr​ofile and TomEE

FizzBuzz in 65c816 Assembly for Super Mario World

Show HN: Svelte NodeGUI, a lightwe​ight Electron alterna​tive with native UI

Tracking variables in LLVM IR using metadata as debugging informa​tion

Proposed law could force ISPs to stop hiding true size of monthly bills

Towards a prevalent alterna​tive prelude?

JEP 398: Deprecate the Applet API for Removal - The essenti​ally irrelev​ant JEP

Humans evolved to be the water-s​aving ape - New study suggests humans evolved to run on 30% to 50% less water than our closest primate relativ​es, enabling our hunter-​gatherer ancestors to venture farther from water in search of food, especia​lly in dry, savannah landsca​pes.

Isadore Singer Bridged Math and Physics

An Introdu​ction to Machine Learning: an explainer for training and inference

The Case for building Client-​First web apps

At Least 30k U.S. Organiz​ations Newly Hacked via Holes in MS’s Email Software

Feeling Sheepish: Where did the phrase black sheep come from, anyway?

Sidewalk Robots Get Legal Rights As 'Pedest​rians'

Retinal prosthe​ses hold the promise of restoring vision in totally blind people. Photovo​ltaic retinal prosthe​sis restores high-re​solution responses to single-​pixel stimula​tion in blind retinas, reports a new study.

How I built offline mode in Liftosaur

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