The Rust I wanted had no future

Moderation strike

Why Did Usenet Fail?

Thousands of early-career NIH researchers forming union for first time

Google No Longer Automatically Indexes Websites – WTF?

Implementing Cosine in C from Scratch

Major Reddit communities will go dark to protest threat to third-party apps

Why Lisp Syntax Works token scopes have just been stabilized

online chess game made in Java

Spotify lays off 200 employees, or about 2% of its workforce

Spring Lisp Game Jam 2023 Entries

New research reveals that high-density urban environments, such as skyscrapers, increase people's stress levels and heart rates

Content writer says all of his clients replaced him with ChatGPT: 'It wiped me out'

Google removes 32 malicious Chrome extensions with 75 million installs from the Web Store

Adolescents in the US are Aware of and Invested in the Potential Impacts of Abortion Restrictions

Practicing Statistics with Common Lisp - IPS9, Chapter 1

A chip to bridge the USB 2–USB 3 divide

Signs of de-dollarisation emerging, Wall Street giant JPMorgan says

Ancient container reveals the first documented Roman perfume, composed of patchouli

Socialized Proof of Work

Some people live longer than others -- possibly due to a unique combination of bacteria in their intestines

Historical workstation desktop interface screenshots

CSS Nesting

Open-source search engine Meilisearch releases v1.2

Why Static Typing Came Back

Weapons firms influence the Ukraine debate

The world’s first wearable CVD lab-grown ‘all diamond’ ring graded at HRD Antwerp

ROFL: An open-source license that promotes fun in coding

Raspberry Pi production rate rising to a million a month

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