Curl 8.0.0

Offensive AI Compilation

EV batteries lack reparability leading some insurers to junk whole cars after even minor collisions

JSON compression in the browser, with gzip and the Compression Streams API.

What are you doing this week?

Data center uses its waste heat to warm public pool, saving $24,000 per year | Stopping waste heat from going to waste

I Could Rewrite Curl (2021)

New Biomarkers Could More Accurately Predict Pancreatic Cancer

a world to win: webassembly for the rest of us

Flow-Based Programming, a way for AI and humans to develop together

Ask HN: Where can I find a primer on how computers boot?

Research found 39 minutes less of sleep per night for 1 week significantly reduced several facets of HRQOL in children

One does not simply use GHCup on macOS M1

Algorithms for Decision Making

Betraying vim for the IDEs of March

Free-to-use GPT-3 powered command-line shell (no API-key required)

The Best Phones With an Actual Headphone Jack

Google finds 18 zero-day vulnerabilities in Samsung Exynos chipsets

cargo-limit: Cargo with less noise: warnings are skipped until errors are fixed

A artificially produced enzyme has proven useful for treating staphylococcus infections in people with skin lymphoma

Command Line One-Liners

Stop spamming the em dash everywhere

Previous: A NeXT Computer Emulator

TinyVG – an alternative binary encoded vector graphics format

New Names for the Oil project and "Oil Shell"?

Why We Added package.json Support to Deno

7-Eleven Announces EV Fast Charging Network: 7Charge

Twenty-five years of curl

Ask HN: Why do many CS graduates lack foundational knowledge?

US authorities arrest alleged BreachForums owner and FBI hacker Pompompurin. For the time being, the dark web forum is still up and running.

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