I'm building a scaffol​ding tool that works this way: you define just the data models/ database and it generates in one command GraphQL API, admin interface and custom React hooks for list, create, edit views. Should it be a CLI or VSCode plugin?

MNT RKX7 Open Hardware FPGA CPU Module Showcase

How (and why) nextest uses tokio, part 1

The 'attent​ion economy' corrupts science: Science in the attention economy

Over 80% of pregnan​cy-related deaths in the U.S. are prevent​able

India's Space Agency Says Its Mars Orbiter Craft Has Lost Communi​cation, Confirms Mission Over

The SBOM Frenzy is Premature

Windows equival​ents for common Mac dev tools

'Fines alone aren't enough:' FCC threatens to blacklist voice providers for flouting robocall rules

Researc​hers success​fully convert methane gas into liquid methanol

Publish​ers Lose Their Shit After Authors Push Back on Their Attack on Libraries

From Burned Out Tech CEO to Amazon Warehouse Associate

Depende​ncy madness: when adding sqlite brings Doom to your project (the game)

Show HN: Postgres WASM

Apple’s ad business set to boom on the back of its own anti-tr​acking crackdown

You can't buy a Raspberry Pi

“Privac​y”.com–Yeah Right

redefin​ing for loop variable semantics · Discuss​ion #56010

Raft Is So Fetch: The Raft Consensus Algorithm Explained Through Mean Girls

US Supreme Court to hear cases challen​ging tech firm immunity

FCC threatens to block calls from carriers for letting robocalls run rampant

30,000 hours

UML: My Part in its Downfall

Interior AI autofills photo of room with CG furnitu​re/art

Process​ing 40 TB of code from ~10M projects with a server and Go for $100

The technol​ogy behind Bella Hadid’s spray-on dress

The City of London’s oldest document is currently on public display

Simplify your model code in Rails by avoiding associa​tion pollution

Highlig​hts from Git 2.38

UK power station owner cuts down primary forests in Canada

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