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Search 1B pages on AWS S3 for 1000$ / month, made in Rust and tantivy

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Analytics Suggest 96% of Users Leave App Tracking Disabled in iOS 14.5

Illumos to Drop SPARC Support

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Reddit aims to double in size as social news site invests for growth | Reddit

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Most intuitive resource for learning ML in python

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Months-​long Twitter Backlash Had Zero Impact on WhatsAp​p's User Base

If Tech companies had tobacco warning labels

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Building a supply chain attack with .NET, NuGet, DNS, source generat​ors, and more!

Directory of Open Access Journals

Worg (Emacs Org documen​tation effort) maintai​ner needed

What we got wrong: the Guardia​n’s worst errors of judgment over 200 years

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