Richard Stallman reveals he has cancer in the GNU 40 Hacker Meeting talk

Subtraction Is Functionally Complete

Nope Foundry Release 2023.4

Who's hiring? Q42023

AnyMAL: An Efficient and Scalable Any-Modality Augmented Language Model

The Māori Genocide of the Moriori

Python 3.12 Preview: Static Typing Improvements

JAX – NumPy on the CPU, GPU, and TPU

You can no longer activate new Windows 11 builds with Windows 7 or 8 keys

LeoLM: German-Language LLM Research

Show HN: SapientML – Generative AutoML for Tabular Data

Costco gold bars are selling out within hours

Reactive Signals and Build System

Discovery Steering Committee re Google Antitrust Litigation [pdf]

$5,000 Google Jamboard dies in 2024—cloud-based apps will stop working, too

US may pay 3x more than EU for Moderna’s US-funded Covid shot

iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Concerns Highlighted in Two More Reports

Apple Should End Their Google Search Partnership

Log4j requesting feedback on which modules/features to drop

Netflix shutters its DVD rental business, marking the end of the red envelope era

Llama 2 Long

Widespread naloxone distribution via a community take-home program did not significantly impact opioid overdose rates in Hamilton County (Cincinnati, OH)

Ask HN: What is nitter and why does it still work?

Childbirth associated with significant medical debt

Nvidia Offices Raided by French Law Enforcement

Show HN: Generative Fill with AI and 3D

Leaked screenshot shows Amazon is now tracking individual employee office attendance records, reversing its anonymized data policy


Losing subscribers, Disney+ starts fighting password sharing, too

Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures

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