Why I use Firefox

90% of tattoo ink contains chemicals that can cause organ damage

The Yak Shave

Up to 30% of Apple Vision Pro Returns Are Because Users Don't Get It, Analyst Says

Stripe Now Requires Physical Biz Address That Isn't a Ups Box

Coinbase Shows Balance as 0

Drinking boiled tap water could significantly reduce exposure to nano- and microplastics, a new study suggests

A newly discovered genetic mutation helped eliminate the tails of human ancestors

Pingora: build fast, reliable and programmable networked systems

Biden orders crackdown on selling Americans' personal data abroad

MicroZig: Unified abstraction layer and HAL for Zig on several microcontrollers

Bumble to lay off 350 employees as tech industry job cuts mount

Google chief admits ‘biased’ AI tool’s photo diversity offended users

Thousands of humpback whales starved to death after marine heatwave

Live music strikes a deeper chord in the brain than recorded tunes

Bad Call by Lobsters Moderation

Orbital reentry from 17000mph looks like dropping out of hyperspace [video]

White House Urges Devs To Switch To Memory-Safe Programming Languages

"Frequent" cannabis use linked to heart attacks and strokes

What I learned building GPT Pilot - LLM based dev tool that builds web apps from start to finish (research + examples)

Shipping quality software in hostile environments

Epic Games hit by 189GB hack, including login and payment info

Cloudflare has open sourced pingora, a load-balancer and reverse proxy written in Async Rust as its replacement for NGINX

The $25B Kroger-Albertsons Merger Is Going to Fail

Look, ma, no matrices

Dundee scientists discover method to eliminate cancer cells

Open Collective Official Statement – OCF Dissolution

Why UUID7 is better than UUID4 as clustered index in RDBMS

Researchers have developed a highly ice-repellent coating that adheres to a wide variety of materials and is very resistant to abrasion

What’s new in CDI 4.1?

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