How the Rise of the Camera Launched a Fight to Protect Gilded Age Privacy

Google and Microsoft now each consume more power than some fairly big countries

HTML Tags Memory Test

Cosmic simulation reveals how black holes grow and evolve

Mangled fingers, no time off: Why the women who make Samsung’s semiconductors are striking

A boring canvas everyone can draw on (Test it out)

Creature that washed up on New Zealand beach may be rarest whale

Social media sees 230% increase in fake accounts as battle against illicit content continues

Cannabis terpenes offer new hope for neuropathic pain relief

Writing production Rust macros with macro_rules!

A new quantum computer breaks Google's quantum supremacy record by 100-fold

Diabetes-reversing drug boosts insulin-producing cells by 700%

Linksys Velop Routers Caught Sending WiFi Creds in the Clear

Why Cloud-Native Buildpacks Should Excite Companies

How insecure is Avast Secure Browser?

Show HN: Learn a new language by speaking with AI

A new study of beards involving over 400 men between the ages of 18-40 who wore a range of facial hair found men with more facial hair were more likely to value keeping long-term partners and taking care of family than clean-shaven men

Kubernetes instance calculator

Laptop fire on American Airlines flight leads to emergency evacuation, injuries | A passenger captured the chaotic scenes

A practical introduction to profiling

The DOJ Antitrust Division isn’t afraid to go to court — From Apple to Google to Ticketmaster, the Justice Department’s antitrust enforcers have never before been this prolific

Genetic cloaking of healthy cells opens door to universal blood cancer therapy

Smartphone is already many folks' only computer – say hi to optional desktop mode in Android 15 beta

Building and scaling Notion’s data lake

Researchers created an AI model capable of predicting whether a person with mild cognitive impairment will develop Alzheimer’s disease within 6 years, based solely on their speech

Researchers have discovered faulty cell function in veterans suffering from Gulf War Illness (GWI), also known as Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), is likely caused by intense exposure to hazardous biological and chemical agents during war service.

Interop 2024 Dashboard

gRPC Decoded: The API Protocol That's Changing Everything

Why I’m Over GraphQL

Neolithic population collapse may have been caused by plague. The Neolithic population crash in northern Europe occurred from about 3300BC to 2900BC

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