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OpenAI promised to make its AI safe. Employees say it 'failed' its first test

Shelley Duvall, a versatile face of 1970s film, dies at 75

OpenAI illegally barred staff from airing safety risks, whistleblowers say

Boeing will plead guilty to fraud related to fatal 737 Max crashes

In a First, Federal Regulators Ban Messaging App From Hosting Minors

Born into slavery, he rose to the top of France's art world

$1B gift to make Johns Hopkins medical school free for most

A Louisiana gas plant sea wall shows challenges of flooding, energy demand

Why refrigerators and other kitchen appliances break so easily now

Weather forecast accuracy across US cities based on Weather Service gridded data

Greece adopts six-day work week to boost productivity. Experts have doubts

AI is exhausting the power grid

U.S. 'on schedule' in race with China to land people on moon, NASA chief says

When plant foods are ultra-processed, the health benefits disappear

Stanford’s top disinformation research group collapses under pressure

Your employer might be spying on your tech. Here’s how to check.

The Majority of Gen Z Describe Themselves as Video Content Creators

Artists are fleeing Instagram to keep their work out of Meta's AI

Supreme Court limits use of SEC in-house tribunals

Scientists find another way we're exposed to forever chemicals: Through our skin

Supreme Court blocks controversial Purdue Pharma opioid settlement

Why American tech companies need to help build AI weaponry

Current and former AI employees warn of the technology's dangers

Law enforcement is spying on Americans' mail, records show

Edinburgh, Scotland makes it illegal to advertise SUVs

Assange plea came after warning that U.S. would lose extradition fight

Congress Seeks Answers From Microsoft Boss After a 'Cascade' of Security Errors

New heroes of spaceflight: Not the astronauts but the software nerds

Amazon fined $5.9M for breaking labor law in California

Donating clothes is contributing to Africa's 'mitumba' problem

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