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Binary Search Tree with SIMD

Anatomy of a Compofylla

Writing a BIOS bootloader for 64-bit mode from scratch

Beating the Compiler

Anatomy of a Compofylla

How to use Assembly in go? (Examples)

Adding a new Assembly Instruction for RISCV Target

Should i start learning math then programming with assembly and c or go straight to c ?! Im totally beginner

Unless you use hand-written vector optimizations and inline assembly, Rust can be significantly faster than C

A (Draft) Taxonomy of SIMD Usage

StarkeBlog – Reverse Engineering MenuetOS 64 – Primary Boot Loader

SIMD detection of nested quotes

Why is PS3 emulation so fast: RPCS3 optimizations explained

Apple wants to replace 50% of iPhone final assembly line workers with automation

Below MI – IBM i for hackers

This North Korean defector sends ‘smart’ balloons back home. Here’s a look inside his secretive assembly room

BASIC vrs 6502 Assembly. Ben Eater 6502 + Worlds Worst video card breadboard computer at 1.4 Mhz effective speed.

Compilers are too smart

TikTag: Breaking ARM's Memory Tagging Extension with Speculative Execution

An Introduction to ARM64 Assembly on Apple Silicon Macs

Hello world in C inline assembly (2018)

Survey For Scientific Paper regarding the impact of Assembly language on Programmers and their knowledge in programming.

Nyxstone: An LLVM-based (Dis)assembly Framework

Building a NES Emulator : 6502 Assembly

BASIC feeling slow at 60 years old? Let 6502 Assembly help!

Assembly Theory of Binary Messages

Inline Assembly Dangers


Compiler tempalate/base/ideas for custom C-like language to custom assembly

Implementing grevmul with GF2P8AFFINEQB

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