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Despite controversy, Recall adds new ‘Screenray’ feature, which analyzes current desktop contents

US sanctions PC cooling and power supply maker DeepCool for selling products to Russia, fueling its war efforts in Ukraine

The US is spending more money on chip manufacturing construction this year than the previous 28 years combined

Intel is trucking a 916k-pound 'Super Load' across Ohio to its new fab

Intel slapped with class action lawsuit over foundry revenues — litigants allege securities fraud

'Godmode' GPT-4o jailbreak released by hacker — powerful exploit was quickly banned

AMD CEO Lisa Su reminisces about designing the PS3's infamous Cell processor

Snapdragon X Elite in the wild is allegedly slower than iPhone 12

Nvidia's flagship gaming GPU can crack complex passwords in under an hour

First chip-based 3D printer is smaller than a coin with no moving parts

Door slammed on last remaining easy Windows 11 local account setup workaround

Stack Overflow bans users en masse for rebelling against OpenAI partnership

Nearly all Nintendo 64 games can now be recompiled into native PC ports

Commodore 64 runs AI to generate images

TSMC EUV machines equipped with remote self-destruct in case of invasion

First Bioprocessor Powered by Human Brain Organoids

17 cringe-worthy Google AI answers demonstrate the problem with training on the entire web

Firefox user lose 7,470 tabs saved over 2 years after they can't restore session

This USB flash drive can only store 8KB of data, but will last you 200 years

EA Weighs Putting In-game Ads in AAA Games

Microsoft's Automatic Super Resolution Arrives To Improve Gaming Performance

Clippy's revenge: assistant comes back to purge Windows 11 of bloatware, ads and annoyances

Apple M4 benchmarks suggest it is new single-core performance champ

Blacklisted China chipmaker SMIC becomes the second-largest foundry

Multi-million dollar Cheyenne supercomputer auction ends with $480,085 bid

New Chinese chatbot was trained on President Xi Jinping's philosophies on socialism and several other 'major internet information' databases

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X chips in Dell XPS 13 Plus laptops will nearly double battery life over Intel, cost half as much

Windows 11 24H2 will enable BitLocker encryption for everyone — happens on both clean installs and reinstalls

WD Rolls Out New 2.5-Inch HDDs For the First Time In 7 Years

US to increase tariffs on Chinese semiconductors by 100% in 2025 — officials say it protects the $53 billion spent on the CHIPS Act

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