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Apple is shipping WebXR on Safari for Vision Pro [video]

macOS 15.0 supports Nested Virtualization on M3 chips

Safari 18 can automatically transition users to passkeys [video]

WWDC 2024 – Platforms State of the Union [video]

macOS Sequoia to Allow iCloud Logins in Virtual Machines on ARM Macs

What's new in Xcode 16 [video]

Changes to iOS App Distribution Fees in the EU

Updated App Store Guidelines Now Allowing "Retro game console emulator apps"

Develop in Swift Tutorials

Software testing: Xcode Simulator question

More options for apps distributed in the European Union

Apple reverses decision to disable PWAs in Europe

Getting started as an alternative app marketplace in the European Union

iOS and Wi-Fi Direct

Using alternative browser engines in the European Union

BrowserEngineKit – Apple Developer Documentation

Distributing apps in the U.S. external purchase link – Support Developer

Apple introduces new options worldwide for streaming game services and apps that provide access to mini apps and games

25 hours of Xcode Cloud now included with the Apple Developer Program

GPU advancements in M3 and A17 Pro [video]

macOS Sonoma Broke Grep

M1 GPU on 2021 MacBook Pro is 137 times slower than 2017 Intel MacBook Pro

Support HDR images in your app [video]


Apple Entrepreneur Camp

macOS 13.5 no longer allows setting system wide ulimits

List of APIs that require declared reasons

Apple Vision Pro developer kit

Bfloat16 support coming to Apple's Metal and PyTorch [video]

VisionOS developer docs and Vision Pro SDK

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