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FAA investigating how counterfeit titanium got into Boeing and Airbus jets

Boeing and Airbus may have used 'counterfeit' titanium in planes, FAA says

FAA Investigating How Counterfeit Titanium Got Into Boeing and Airbus Jets

Airbus fits electric truck with airliner cockpit to study safer taxiing

Airbus debuts its half-plane, half-helicopter to the public

The Airbus A340 was built to rule long-haul travel, but now it’s vanishing

Airbus Unveils Half-Plane, Half-Copter In Quest For Speed

Upstart Chinese planemaker Comac is in talks with Saudi Arabia as it seeks to disrupt the Boeing-Airbus duopoly

Spirit Airlines to furlough 260 pilots, defer Airbus plane deliveries

SAS Grounds 18 Airbus A320neo because a component needs inspection

Airbus CEO Says Boeing's Problems Are Bad For Whole Industry

Airbus: A year with no fatal accidents

Airbus electric air taxi makes its debut

Boeing, Boeing gone! Airbus scores big wins in Japan & South Korea

A Chinese airline warned passengers not to throw coins into plane engines after an Airbus A350 was delayed for 4 hours.

Boeing’s issues are prompting Hong Kong's flagship airline Cathay Pacific to consider an ‘ABC’ future: Airbus, Boeing...and China's COMAC

A320neo successor will be based on sustainable aviation fuel: Airbus CEO

Airbus Shatters Record for Jet Orders as Demand Soars

History of Airbus

2013 Airbus A380 for sale in Rolling Hills Estates, California

Airbus Is Pulling Ahead as Boeing's Troubles Mount

Airbus Launches Device to Keep Dead Satellites from Tumbling in Space

Airbus Introduces 'Detumbler' Device To Address Satellite Tumbling In Low Earth Orbit

Airbus Helicopters single-joystick system simplifies copter controls

Ural Airlines is preparing to fly a stranded Airbus A320 out of a field

Fake components went into 68 jet engines, including ones on Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 planes, says lawsuit

FBI Hacker Dropped Stolen Airbus Data on 9/11

Airbus Forms Joint Venture in Bid To Replace International Space Station

Airbus offering Rust internship in Germany

Qantas is bringing back Airbus A380s from the California desert

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