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People often overestimate their resilience following failure, research suggests

New York passes legislation that bans 'addictive' social media for kids

Male birth control gel is safe and effective, new trial findings show

Senator appeared to suggest bipartisan bill would censor transgender content online.

Boeing and Airbus may have used 'counterfeit' titanium in planes, FAA says

AI Candidate Running For Parliament in the UK Says AI Can Humanize Politics

Musk, SpaceX sued by former employees alleging sexual harassment and retaliation

Taylor Swift deepfakes on X falsely depict her supporting Trump

A study published Friday in the journal Science Advances describes data gathered during a 41-day research voyage in which a vessel trailed a miles-long cable along the Cascadia Subduction Zone to listen to the seafloor and piece together an image.

Boeing's Starliner spacecraft docks with space station after thruster issues

NYSE Investigating 'Technical Issue' That Showed Berkshire Hathaway Share Price Dropping 99%

WHO confirms first death in Mexico from bird flu never seen in humans

Tesla 'self-driving' technology failed to detect a moving train ahead of a crash

Body lice may have spread plague more than thought, science suggests

Daily and near-daily marijuana use is now more common than similar levels of drinking in the U.S., according to an analysis of national survey data over four decades.

A new study shows that as of 2022, 1 in 9 children had received ADHD diagnoses at some point in their lifetimes.

FDA approves groundbreaking treatment for advanced melanoma

Vegetarian and vegan diets linked to lower risk of heart disease, cancer and death, large review finds

How private equity rolled Red Lobster

TikTok sues U.S. government, saying potential ban violates First Amendment

Scientists discover an underlying genetic cause for 15% of Alzheimer's cases

Kabosu, the dog behind the 'doge' internet meme, has died

OpenAI dissolves team focused on long-term AI risks less than one year after announcing it

Orangutan was seen treating his wound with a medicinal plant

Venezuela is first Andean country to lose of all its glaciers

Farmers must kill 4.2M chickens after bird flu hits Iowa egg farm

Biden to sign new bipartisan law targeting child 'sextortion' online

Russian disinformation sites linked to former Florida deputy Sheriff

Florida bans lab-grown meat, adding to similar efforts in three other states

Russia is trying to exploit America's divisions over the war in Gaza

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