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gRPC Decoded: The API Protocol That's Changing Everything

Are Hackers Using Your Own GraphQL API Against You?

The future of APIs is (still) beginners

Deactivating an API, one step at a time

Why there's no official API for Java AST transformations (like the one Lombok uses unofficially)?

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Design a GraphQL Schema So Good, It'll Make REST APIs Cry

LibreOfficeKit API in action: new API to access LibreOffice functionalities

Google Chrome ships a default, hidden extension that allows code on *.google.com access to private APIs, including your current CPU usage

A collective list of free APIs

Introducing the WebAssembly JavaScript Promise Integration API


We increased our rendering speeds by 70x using the WebCodecs API

AxRuntime (AxRT): Creating Applications Using Amiga APIs

Transparent APIs (2020)

Ola replaces Google Maps with in-house 'Ola Maps', announces API for developers

Google Chrome has an API accesible only from *.google.com

Photoshop API - Read and Write PSD files with Python and C++

Should I return `domain` types in the API?

My experience with using Django versus Go for a medium sized zip code data API

Need suggestions: finding a productive way to build an API server

[Free API] Open Source PDF Filler 🚀

The value of API-First design on side-projects

gRPC Over HTTP/3

Fetching data from API delay.

Been testing out the Popover API and a little bit of anchor positioning so I wanted to share what I've done so far in JS with it and see if you have any feedback.

The API for entity extraction with confidence scores

API Endpoints: Simplified With Autonomous Agents

Best Authentication Method for Both Web and Mobile APIs: Implementation Tips Needed

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