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Russia’s DoppelGänger Campaign Manipulates Social Media

Decoding US Government Plans to Shift the Software Security Burden

NIST Blames 'Growing Backlog of Vulnerabilities' Requiring Analysis on Lack of Support

NIST National Vulnerability Database Disruption Sees CVE Enrichment on Hold

Most Computer Code Compilers Vulnerable to Novel Attacks

The US Government’s Open Source Security Policy Discussed

ChatGPT Creates Polymorphic Malware

Majority of US Defense Contractors Not Meeting Basic Cybersecurity Requirements

LastPass Hackers Stole Source Code

Ukrainians DDoS Russian Vodka Supply Chains

Pro-Russian Disinformation Systematically Spread Using Western Media Channels

How Microsoft, Google, Apple, and IBM Will Help the US Improve Its Cybersecurity

Misconfigured Database Exposes 200K Fake Amazon Reviewers

Home Security Technician Admits Spying on Customers

Scammers Expose Facebook Data Haul of 13M Records

Time to Pardon Edward Snowden?

Google's reCAPTCHA Is Being Used To Hide Phishing Pages

Washington State Legalizes Restricted Use of Facial Recognition Technology

Michigan Healthcare Group Hack Went Undetected for Six Months

A Ransomware Attack Shut a US Natural Gas Plant and Its Pipelines

Chinese Military Personnel Charged with Equifax Hack

Capture the Flag Competition Aims to Trace Missing Persons

Airbus Suppliers Hit in State-Sponsored Attack

Timehop Admits GDPR Fumble

Foreign Secretaries Illegally Handed GCHQ Data Request Powers

3.2 Million Files Revealed on AWS S3 Bucket

Every Single American Household Exposed in Massive Leak

Tax Chief Says Don't Worry About Equifax: Only 45M of You Could Be Newly Affected

Stuxnet-like Irongate Malware Emerges to Threaten Critical Infrastructure

Whats Worse Than A Toothache? American Dental Association Mails Malware-Laced USB Drives to Thousands (xpost from r/Security)

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