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Scientists discover a specific brain region linked to paranoia

Carpenter ant doctors amputate legs to save friends, scientists found

Scientists uncover a brain circuit in primates that rapidly detects faces

In an analysis of more than 50,000 individuals, carriers of gut Blastocystis, a single-celled organism that has been labeled either a parasite or harmless organism but is commonly found in the digestive system, was linked to indicators of good cardiovascular health and decreased body fat.

Brain's 'escape switch' controlled by threat sensitivity dial in mice

Microglia protect against age-associated brain pathologies

Heat waves reduce politicians' speech complexity: analyzing 7 million speeches from 28,000 politicians, researchers discovered that heat negatively impacts cognitive abilities…

Past research have focused on mothers transmitting maternal gut microbiome to newborn babies

Mitochondrial signal transduction (2022)

Palaeontologists have described the geologically oldest sea-going reptile from the Southern Hemisphere, a nothosaur from the Middle Triassic of New Zealand.

Immune activation in pregnant women can occur due to metabolic diseases, affecting fetal brain immune cells (microglia)

Study with mice finds that an ion transporter protein that regulates the pH of specific brain cells can repair blood-brain barrier and restore normal brain function after ischemic stroke, revealing novel and specific therapeutic targets for which no targeted treatments exist currently.

A new technique has allowed scientists to freeze human brain tissue so that it regains normal function after thawing

Scientists generate 1832°F heat with solar power to cook cement and steel

AI deception: A survey of examples, risks, and potential solutions

A new study provides insights into the origin of avian endothermy, suggesting its evolution in theropod and ornithiscian dinosaurs starting in the Early Jurassic.

Satellite data help to show that more than a billion people live in ‘energy poverty’

Varying stitch length and knitting structure significantly impacts the comfort and breathability of occupational compression socks, with 1x3 rib and standard stitch length offering the best combination.

Dogs’ keen sense of smell could be an advantage for sniffing out rare fungi

Trip C++Now 2024 – think-cell

Different types of chord progressions elicited distinct emotions

Scientists have recently discovered that psilocybin, the active ingredient in “magic mushrooms,” can significantly reduce chronic pain in rats

Passing down of architectual traditions is observed in bees, across many generations

The receptors that allow people to perceive the bitter taste of drinks such as hoppy beer and coffee were already present in some fishes 450 million years ago, researchers have found

Tardigrades (micro-animals surviving in harshest environment: lowest / highest temperatures, vacuum of outer space, etc.) can surviving extreme radiation 1,000 times more intense than human limit, because, unlike humans, they can increase DNA repair to the levels almost unparalleled in other animals

Differences in expression of male aggression between wild bonobos and chimpanzees

Research reveals remarkable ‘barcode’ neural activity in chickadees | Thanks to unique barcodes, chickadees can remember where they hide the food.

The hormone cholesin is capable of inhibiting cholesterol synthesis in the liver, suggesting that cholesterol could be reduced with treatment

Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine identify mutations in the SWI/SNF complex as key drivers in transforming follicular lymphoma from a slow-growing to a more aggressive form

Arginine Peptides Induce Nucleolar Stress, Ribosomopathy and Aging in Mice

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