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Atoll islands show no widespread physical destabilization from sea-level rise (2018)

White roofs can bring down city temperature by 34.16°F

A study that included individuals with mild to moderate acne, following the Mediterranean diet and taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements led to significant reductions in inflammatory and non-inflammatory skin lesions…

Engineers has developed a featherlight fluidic engine to power soft robots in assistive devices

Wing-slapping: A defensive behavior by honey bees against ants

Island restoration to rebuild seabird populations and amplify coral reefs

Tough and Ductile Architected Nacre-Like Cementitious Composites

The Alzheimer's Association has published revised criteria for the diagnosis and staging of Alzheimer's disease that are based on the biology of the disease (rather than just symptoms) and reflect recent advancements in research…

100-year-old mystery solved as first jumping leech found in Madagascar

Study suggests ovary removal pre-menopause, especially under 40, leads to decreased white matter integrity in brain regions later in life

Paediatric gender medicine: Longitudinal studies have not consistently shown improvement in depression or suicidality

Vigorous Exercise, Cognitive Decline, and High Blood Pressure

One in four US households likely exceed new soil lead guidance levels

Motile Living Biobots Self-Construct from Human Somatic Progenitor Seed Cells

Mycotoxin contamination in organic and conventional cereal grain and products

Potential ozone depletion from satellite demise during atmospheric reentry

Record low Antarctic ice in 2023 extremely unlikely without climate change. Such high losses are likely irreversible

Marital satisfaction is known to promote cognitive function

Long-term exposure to air pollution leads to increased risk of dementia

A new study found taking a few minutes to thoughtfully reflect on relationship conflicts can significantly boost individuals’ confidence in resolving these conflicts and reduce the distress they feel about them.

A long-term Australian study of period pain and its effects on around 1,600 teen girls' regular activities found about a third of 14-year-olds have experienced serious menstrual pain - defined as 'very painful' or 'quite painful' - while around half of girls aged between 16 &18 have experienced it.

Hair-thin silk fabric cancels out noise and creates quiet spaces anywhere

People don't always learn from failures

Dual antibacterial properties of copper-coated nanotextured stainless steel

Study finds that persistent use of ADHD medication in adolescents according to prescription reduces the risk of committing an minor offense compared to inconsistent medication use…

Recently increased prevalence of human forearm median artery: Microevolution

Storms which reach the coasts are becoming more intense with climate change

Dehydration associated with poorer performance on attention tasks among adults

Scientists are building tiny robots that use light to swim and pick up micro plastics from water

Study links the Moon’s formation to mantle plumes and the initiation of subduction

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