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Male Birth Control Gel Continues to Show Promise

Are We Closer to a Cure for Diabetes?

Biotech Companies Are Trying To Make Milk Without Cows

Proteins in blood could provide early cancer warning 'by more than seven years'

Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes has prison sentence reduced again

UK Toddler Has Hearing Restored In World First Gene Therapy Trial

First Bioprocessor Powered by Human Brain Organoids

Tether Buys $200 Million Majority Stake In Brain-Computer Interface Company

Synchron Readies Large-Scale Brain Implant Trial

Groundbreaking Trial To Grow 'Mini Liver' From Patient's Own Lymph Node

Used Go to automate my biotech PhD work and liked coding more than the rest of my work, could a non-CS PhD hurt my ability to get a Go developer job?

Biotech Executive Who Bet on Rival's Stock Committed Insider Trading, Jury Says

Some states are now trying to ban lab-grown meat

Pet DNA Testing Company Mistakenly Identifies a Human as a Dog

Mexico Argues Glyphosate In GM Corn Is Unsafe For Human Consumption

'Monumental' Experiment Suggests How Life on Earth May Have Started

What Happens After Throughput to DNA Storage Drives Surpasses 2 Gbps?

Wearable AI-Powered Neurotech Startup Promises 'Electric Medicine' and Wellness Benefits

Struggling 23andMe Is Exploring Splitting the DNA Company In Two

Biogen Dumps Dubious Alzheimer's Drug After Profit-Killing FDA Scandal

Scientists Pursue Cancer Vaccines Tailored to the Genetic Makeup of an Individual's Tumor

First Lab-Grown Eel Meat Revealed

Potential Cancer Vaccine Entering Stage 3 Trials

24-uurs Challenge: Combineer Biotech en Cybersecurity voor Innovatie

Software that supports your body should always respect your freedom

Can Humans Have Babies In Space? SpaceBorn United Wants To Find Out

Drugmakers Are Set To Pay 23andMe Millions To Access Consumer DNA

USFWS Is Creating a Frozen Library of Biodiversity To Help Endangered Species

A biotech company says it put dopamine-making cells into people’s brains

The 'Weird' Male Y Chromosome Has Finally Been Fully Sequenced

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